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The Imaging Center installs new Toshiba 160-slice CT Scanner

A new Toshiba Prime 160-slice CT scanner has been added and is now operational at The Imaging Center’s Harmony location. This state-of-the art technology offers a larger 78cm opening for a more comfortable patient experience, faster speed, and reduced radiation doses to patients. Call today at (970) 282-2912 for additional information.


The Imaging Center at Harmony Adds New MRI Technology

A new Siemens Aera 1.5T MRI machine has been added and is now operational at The Imaging Center’s Harmony location. This state-of-the art technology offers a larger 70cm opening for a more comfortable patient experience, and updated multichannel imaging coils for higher resolution scans. Call today at (970) 282-2912 for additional information.

Open MRI of the Rockies Celebrates Second Successful Year

The Open MRI of the Rockies location in Loveland has been operational for over two years, imaging several thousand patients! One patient said this about their experience: “Anybody can buy an MRI machine and do scans. It is the people who interact with the patient that make the difference. I have been around the imaging block and your institution rises above because of the people I interacted with..” Another said, “I had a very good experience from the minute I walked in, through the procedure and upon exit. True professionals in a very relaxing atmosphere”.


For more information about this location, visit www.openmrioftherockies.com

Open MRI of the Rockies celebrates one year anniversary!

The Open MRI of the Rockies location in Loveland has been operational for over one year, imaging over 1,000 patients on the state-of-the-art technology. One patient said this about his experience: “Staff was very professional and caring. Took the stress right out of the experience.” Another said, “I was referred for open MRI because I am claustrophobic. Scott (the MRI tech) was so kind and professional; he offered a movie which helped enormously and guided me through every stop so there were no surprises.” See if this technology may help you!

For more information about this location, visit www.openmrioftherockies.com

New Open MRI of the Rockies Location Now Open!

Our new open MRI location is now open in Loveland and taking appointments! Now offering MRI scans on the only high-field, truly open MRI in northern Colorado. For more information please go to www.openmrioftherockies.com

The Imaging Center Acquires New Hitachi High-Field Open MRI System

The Imaging Center offers the only high field open MRI in northern Colorado! We have recently purchased a Hitachi Oasis 1.2T Open MRI and will be installing it at our Loveland location adjacent to the Medical Center of the Rockies. We expect the system to be operational later this year.

The Hitachi Oasis Open MRI has an accommodating design that reassures patients, as well as a broad range of clinical capabilities and features to meet the demand of today’s diagnostic imaging professionals. Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, Hitachi has been a long-time pioneer of diagnostic imaging systems, with more than 1,500 installed in the United States.

Hitachi has put a great deal of emphasis on making patients comfortable during their MRI exam. The inside of the Oasis MRI gantry provides a 270 degree view, which minimizes anxiety and claustrophobia and maximizes a more pleasant environment for the patient during the MRI exam. This also allows the patient to have a loved one or friend nearby during the exam for further reassurance. The Oasis can even accommodate patients up to 660 pounds in a comfortable, high-quality environment.

To further improve the MRI experience, we have also purchased a state-of-the-art video system that lets patients watch videos during their MRI exam! The CinemaVision system by Resonance Technology, Inc., is a goggle based system that simulates watching a 62-inch TV screen from 5 ½ feet away. The accompanying headset helps to block out noise of the MRI machine and also allow two way communications with our technical staff. This video system has been proven to help children and claustrophobic patients to better tolerate an MRI exam without medication!

The Imaging Center is acquiring the new Oasis Open MRI system to offer physicians and patients from Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, and other nearby communities access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques currently available in the healthcare industry.

For more information on the Hitachi Oasis Open MRI system, call 970-282-2900 or visit http://OASISmri.com.

Welcome Kaiser Permanente Patients!


The Imaging Center will be a contracted radiology provider for Kaiser Permanente patients in northern Colorado from 8/1/12-12/31/12. Please call us for your next x-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound, or Dexa bone densitometry test at 970-282-2912.

Low Dose CT Lung Screening


A study that appeared in the August 2011 New England Journal of Medicine found a 20% decrease in lung cancer mortality in patients that had low dose CT lung screening performed. This is for high risk patients 55-74 years old that have been smoking for at least 30 pack-years.

Link: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1102873

We perform these important exams at The Imaging Center. A CT Lung Screening is for asymptomatic patients who would like to know if they may have early stages of lung cancer. This exam is not covered by insurance and requires a physician order. Current cost is $350. Call today to schedule a lung screening or for more information 970-282-2912.

OP Radiology/Imaging – Facility Report


United Healthcare recognizes The Imaging Center as the most affordable option for advanced imaging in northern Colorado! See the report below.

A win for consumers is competition among health providers


Written by Peter Trozan

Fort Collins Coloradoan

5:59 PM, Dec. 17, 2011

Health insurance is expensive. We all know that. And we all know that every two to three years, we should shop around to see if we can lower our insurance bill.

But how many of us think of shopping our health-care providers when it comes to expensive medical procedures? Probably not too many. But we should.

Let’s look at some examples obtained from Anthem Blue Cross’ website and accessible to all Anthem policyholders. Prices shown include the contractual PPO discount given to Anthem policyholders.

Let’s say you need an MRI to diagnose knee problems. Harmony Imaging Center would charge between $632 to $884 – depending on exactly what the doctor had ordered.

Do the same MRI at Poudre Valley Hospital and you’ll pay between $2,149 to $2,401.
It is reasonable to expect because PVH is a full-service hospital and has higher overhead, that a higher charge is justified. But three times higher than the Harmony Center? Hmmm.

Let’s explore what a little competition does to the price of hospital services.

Drive a few miles south to McKee Hospital in Loveland and you’ll pay $1,138 to $,1390 – $1,000 less than at PVH.

Keep driving south and the price falls further. For example, University Hospital, Rose Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center – three highly respected Denver Hospitals – all charge between $885 to $1137 for the same MRI – less than half of what PVH charges.

Why are prices in Denver so much less than Fort Collins? One word: competition.

Earlier this week, we got the blockbuster news that two new insurance carriers are entering the Northern Colorado market.
Kaiser Permanente will be partnering with McKee Medical Center in Loveland and Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley.

Colorado Choice Health Plans, a nonprofit carrier from Alamosa, will be partnering with PVH.

The addition of two new carriers to the Northern Colorado market will be a double win for consumers. First, more insurance companies competing will help keep a lid on insurance premiums.

The second, and potentially more important, win for consumers will come from greater competition among hospitals. The figures shown above illustrate how competition among hospitals in the Denver market, is keeping down the cost of healthcare services. Let’s hope that the entry of new competition will benefit Northern Colorado residents, as well.

For those without insurance, or those with a high deductible, the benefit of finding the lowest cost provider is obvious. But what if you are lucky enough to have a benefit-rich plan with a low deductible? Why should you care where you get your care and how much it costs?

Since health insurance premiums are based on what the insurance company has to pay out in claims, it is in everyone’s best interest to seek out the most economical medical provider – even if you have a zero deductible.

“No man is an island,” wrote John Donne. The cumulative effect of hundreds of people in Northern Colorado seeking the most economical providers can, and will, affect the price of what you and your employer pay in insurance premiums.

Peter Trozan is owner of Trozan Insurance Agency Inc. Call him at (970) 224-5500 or send email to peter@insurancedoctor.com.

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